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February 15, 2019

How To Add Website on Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tool

How To Add Website on Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tool

Bing and Yahoo have a combined 28% of search engine traffic. So if you want the most website visitors, then you need to get your website submitted to them. This tutorial will cover the basics of getting your site submitted and setting up Bing webmaster tools.

Yahoo and Bing RelationShip

The first thing you need to know is that Yahoo is part of the Bing Network. That means that Bing provides the actual search engine for Yahoo searches. The good news is this means you only have to submit your site to Bing and deal with the Bing webmaster tools.

SEO (Search Engine optimization

Quickly after a search is submitted the results appear on screen. The SERP is a list of webpages that contain matches to the keywords that were searched. The SERP usually shows web pages names, short descriptions and a link for each matching web page. The user can click on any of the links to go to one of the websites.

Search engines are some of the most advanced websites on the web. They use special computer code to sort the web pages on SERPs. The most popular or highest quality web pages will be near the top of the list.


Yahoo & Bing compete more with each other than with Google. A recent report on netmarketshare.com tells us that Yahoo have a market share of 7.68 percent. However, it's still an important search engine in its own right, with over 600 million monthly users on mobile and one billion total users.


Bing is Microsoft's attempt at unseating Google, and arguably the second-most-popular search engine today. Bing used to be MSN search until it was updated in summer of 2009.

1.First goto Google Type Bing Webmaster Tool

2.Open Bing WebMaster Tool Official Website

3.After You Open the Site, Sign Up the Account
You have Microsoft, Gmail or facebook Account go to Sign in

4.You Opened WebMaster Tool After Add Your Site

5.Need Sitemap,

So Goto Google type Digital Inspiration SiteMap

SiteMap Link Click Here

6.You Opened Page Enter Your URL After given Generate SiteMap

7.Now you Get SiteMap, Copy the SiteMap Paste the Bing webmaster tool Inside

8.You Fill the Form

9.You Verify your website.

10.Copy the Meta tag paste your Website or blogger.

11.After You Paste the Meta Tag, While given Verify.

12.Now Successfully add your Website.

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